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POM Limburg is the economic accelerator of Belgian Limburg. An intersection of cross-pollination, with our gaze firmly on the future.

What does POM do?

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POM Limburg outlines the economic strategy of Limburg.

  • As a coordinating organization, we took the lead in the SALKturbo plan, directing over 150 million European transition funds.
  • We designed the future of our business parks for the Spatial Policy Plan and were also responsible for master plans, such as the one for the university campus in Diepenbeek.
  • Our knowledge cell collects objective data for this operation and distributes it among Limburg’s economic players.

POM Limburg literally creates space for our economy.

  • We are actively involved in the development of 200 hectares of industrial estates and are creating new campuses such as the Health Campus and the Construction Campus in Diepenbeek, Campus North in Pelt, and the Logistics Campus in Genk.
  • In addition, we participate in numerous projects with partners like LRM and EnergyVille, and we oversee the economic ecosystems of several of these campuses.
  • Our Welcome Management team, in collaboration with Flanders Investment and Trade and VLAIO, persuades international companies of our strengths.
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POM Limburg accelerates Limburg companies.

  • Together with employee and employer organizations, we expedite the digitization, sustainability, and innovation of the Limburg economy.
  • We do this, for example, in the plastics industry within a new plastic community. But also in logistics, where POM strengthens logistical links by collaborating with Port of Antwerp-Bruges and Liège Airport.
  • Additionally, we are a coordinating partner in European programs, such as bringing the prestigious Einstein Telescope to the Euregion.


Tom Vandeput (CD&V), the Economy deputy, chairs POM Limburg as the representative of the provincial government. Managing director Noël Slangen is responsible for the operational management of POM Limburg. He reports to the executive committee and the Board of Management.

  • The executive committee consists of six delegates from the social partners and six representatives from the local governments. They determine the day-to-day policy.
  • The Board of Management consists of twelve representatives from the social partners and twelve representatives from the local governments, both majority and opposition. They determine the strategy.

(the members marked with (*) are also members of the executive committee)

Provincial deputy for Economy
  • Tom Vandeput – POM Limburg Chairman – CD&V (*)
Public sector
  • Jochen Schuermans – POM Limburg vice-chairman – N-VA (*)
  • Raf Truyens – CD&V (*)
  • Danny Deneuker – Vooruit
  • Frank Dewael – Open VLD (*)
  • Stefan Govaerts – CD&V
  • Marleen Kauffmann – CD&V (*)
  • Leo Joosten – Vlaams Belang (*)
  • Luc Wouters – CD&V
  • Anniek Nagels – CD&V
  • Jean-Paul Peuskens – Vooruit (*)
  • Marc Vereecken – N-VA
  • Ismail Ayed – N-VA
Employers’ organisations
  • Hendrik Essers – VOKA-KvK Limburg
  • Joris Vrancken – VOKA-KvK Limburg
  • Johann Leten – VOKA-KvK Limburg (*)
  • Geert Lambrechts – UNIZO Limburg (*)
  • Ruben Lemmens – VKW Limburg (via Unizo)
  • Peter Bruggen – Boerenbond (*)
Workers’ organisations
  • Joke Man – ACV Limburg (*)
  • Nele Vanoevelen – ACV Limburg (*)
  • Fouad Gandoul – ACV Limburg
  • Daan Van Noppen – ACV Limburg
  • Andres Vandereycken – ABVV Limburg
  • Nicole Houbrechts – ABVV Limburg (*)


A team of more than 40 employees draws up economic plans on behalf of the Limburg provincial government and puts them into practice.

POM Limburg does not attach importance to age, gender, colour, or orientation. With us, only qualities count.

Economic Innovation Team
Bruno Geerits

Project Assistant | Administration

011 300 248 Send E-mail
Annelies Gorissen

Strategic Expert Sustainability

011 300 146 Send E-mail
Celien Froeyen

Strategic Expert Economic Innovation

011 300 110 Send E-mail
Katrien De Paep

Strategic Expert Economic Innovation

011 300 304 Send E-mail
Johan Boonen

Strategic Expert Supply Chain

011 300 145 Send E-mail
Valerie Bauvois

Project Assistant | Public Procurement and Administration

011 300 134 Send E-mail
Elisabeth Piens

Manager Economic Innovation Team | Member of the Management Team

011 300 246 Send E-mail
Maxime Corvilain

Strategic Expert Manufacturing Economy | Valorization Manager Einstein Telescope

011 300 135 Send E-mail
Jan huysman

Project Manager Economic Innovation Team

011 300 241 Send E-mail
Jean-Pierre Boons

Project Manager Economic Innovation Team

011 300 240 Send E-mail
Jorg Roosen

Project Manager Economic Innovation Team

011 300 148 Send E-mail
Karmien Nackaerts

Project Manager Economic Innovation Team

011 300 249 Send E-mail
Martijn Helsen

Project Manager Economic Innovation Team

011 300 111 Send E-mail
Britta Mulleners

Strategic Manager | General Directorate Team

011 300 113 Send E-mail
Sam Jordens

Project Manager Economic Innovation Team

011 300 317 Send E-mail
Joost Van Aelst

Strategic Expert Sustainability

011 300 318 Send E-mail
Noemi Casas La Mattina

Project Manager Economic Innovation Team

011 300 118 Send E-mail
Griet Verhaeghe

Project Manager Economic Innovation Team

011 300 119 Send E-mail
Economic Space Team
Stijn Vercampt

Manager Economic Space Team | Member of the Management Team

011 300 139 Send E-mail
Tim Vanduren

Project Manager Economic Space Team

011 300 133 Send E-mail
Marijke Gorissen

Project Manager Economic Space Team

011 300 125 Send E-mail
Kristof Delwiche

Project Manager Economic Space Team

011 300 131 Send E-mail
Inan Asliyüce

Project Manager Economic Space Team

011 300 132 Send E-mail
Denise Mathijs

Project Manager Economic Space Team

011 300 109 Send E-mail
Sara Lemmens

Projectmanager Team Economische Ruimte

011 300 136 Send E-mail
Welcome Management Team
Bahar Kavas

Business Liaison Manager Europe

011 300 104 Send E-mail
Yu Chen

Business Liaison Manager Europe & Asia

011 300 302 Send E-mail
Sara Smeets

Business Liaison Manager Europe & USA

011 300 121 Send E-mail
Knowledge and Data Team
Joeri Luyten

Knowledge and Data Expert

011 300 245 Send E-mail
Wouter Vanderbiesen

Knowledge and Data Expert

011 300 137 Send E-mail
Tim Vandenbrande

Knowledge and Data Expert

011 300 120 Send E-mail
Communication and Events Team
Tanith Van Damme

Press and Communications Manager

011 300 123 Send E-mail
Alyssa Horemans

Project Manager Communications

011 300 107 Send E-mail
Zoë Smeyers

Event Manager

011 300 242 Send E-mail
Legal Team
Anaïs Brouwers

Legal Advisor | General Directorate Team

011 300 116 Send E-mail
Jill Thierie

Legal Advisor

011 300 127 Send E-mail
Personnel and Finance
Monique Billen

Finance Manager

011 300 114 Send E-mail
Secretary's office
Hilde Vanheusden

Executive Secretary

011 300 108 Send E-mail
Managing director
Noël Slangen

Managing Director of POM Limburg

011 300 103 Send E-mail

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