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Limburgers Worldwide®

In today’s economy, internationalisation is increasingly the norm. Companies work on an ever-bigger scale The more internationally Limburg profiles itself, the more favourable it will be to our investment climate and our ability to attract talent.

With the Expat Centre Limburg,POM Limburg has been focusing on internationalisation and welcoming highly educated knowledge workers or expatsfor some time. However, interviews with expats revealed that the flow of English-language information in our province is insufficient.

POM Limburg and Het Belang van Limburg, in collaboration with online expat magazine The Bulletin, therefore created a new professional community called ‘Limburgers Worldwide’.

‘English, please’

The group primarily targets expats and their partners, foreign students, and other highly educated, non-native speakers who have already found their way to Limburg. With the LinkedIn group, the partners wish to serve as a professional,English-language community with relevant news from Limburg.

With Limburgers Worldwide, POM Limburg is taking another step in its regional promotion policy. We thus continue to market Limburg as a competitive and innovative knowledge region. Not only with prospective investors, but also with the foreign public within our provincial borders.

‘Limburg Citizen, Global Citizen

POM Limburg found the ideal partner in Het Belang van Limburg. The newspaper aims to reach Limburger citizens around the world from the perspective of ‘Limburg Citizen, Global Citizen’. The target group also includes expatriates from Limburg who want to maintain a link with their home base.

POM Limburg and its partners are thus trying to create a sense of connectedness betweenLimburg’s ambassadors.The Limburg ‘feeling’ is maintained, for example, by providing updates on the socio-economic developments in our province.

(Job) opportunities for expats

HR managers or executives of companies that employ or want to attract highly educated foreign talent are also welcome. They can more easily connect with travelling expat partners andshare interesting job opportunitiesvia the community.

Antonio Rodrigues, General Manager at IPTE: ‘I think it is a very interesting initiative to unite Limburg’s expats via LinkedIn. We can use the platform to share experiences, particularly once the honeymoon period is over and we have to adapt to our new environments. As a manager in the industrial sector in Limburg, I also closely monitor the challenges that confront businesses today. One of these challenges is filling vacancies. Limburgers Worldwide could play a role in this by connecting HR managers with expats.’

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