SALKturbo is the future-focused action plan for sustainable enforcement and acceleration of the economy in Limburg..

The plan is based on four priorities and twelve ambitions. In particular, our province needs to become more sustainable, competitive, digital, and inclusive. In this, Limburg is perfectly aligned with the European, federal, and Flemish policy plans to relaunch the post-pandemic economy.

The objective: to increase the productivity and prosperity of every Limburg resident. At least to the Flemish average and preferably higher.

To be able to assess the impact and results, we work with measurable objectives. A set of KPIs was predefined in a baseline measurement for each of the ambition lines. A KPI is a measurable Key Performance Indicator, or a barometer that signals the effectiveness in and of an ambition line. Measuring these KPIs offers insights on how the ambitions will be realised in the coming years.

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