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Clean Mobility Valley: Kick-off Automotive Community

Flanders Make, Oude Diestersebaan 133, 3920 Lommel

In the face of today’s sustainability challenges, the need for collective action and innovative solutions has never been more pressing.

To further shape the future of clean mobility you are invited to the kick-off event of the Automotive Community within the recently launched ‘Clean Mobility Valley’ initiative.

This event, organized by the founding members POM Limburg, Flanders Make, E-Trucks Europe, Ford Lommel Proving Ground and the city of Lommel, offers industry leaders the opportunity to join a dynamic network dedicated to addressing challenges together.

Join the Automotive Community to:

  • Drive sustainable innovation: Ideation & co-creation with visionary partners to pioneer clean mobility solutions, positioning your organization at the forefront of industry innovation.
  • Build strategic alliances: share knowledge, infrastructure and network with like-minded peers and potential partners, creating relationships that can lead to collaborations and business growth.
  • Drive industry transformation: join us in shaping the direction of policy and industry standards to drive progress in the clean mobility sector.


15:15 | Welcome & registration at Flanders Make

15:30 | Transfer to Ford Lommel Proving Ground site (incl. sightseeing)

15:45 | Clean Mobility Valley initiative

Introduction: Joost Van Aelst, POM Limburg

Founding member’s perspectives:

  • E-Trucks Europe: André Beukers
  • Ford Lommel Proving Ground: Geert Van Noyen
  • Flanders Make: Bert Dexters
  • Stad Lommel – Kristalpark: Bob Nijs

Community members’ Introduction round

16:45 | Coffee Break

17:00 | Kicking off the Automotive Community

Automotive community – working model & goals: Joost Van Aelst, POM Limburg

Interactive debate – ‘shaping the community’

18:00 | Shuttle transfer to Flanders Make

Guided tour Flanders Make lab & facilities (optional)

Walking dinner & networking time


*Registrations for this event are closed*

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