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Energy Mission 2023

Thor Central Genk, Thor Park 8000, 3600 Genk

In 2020, POM Limburg and project partners Thor ParkEnergyVille and Flux50 embarked on a cross-sectoral journey with Energy Mission to boost energy transition. We showed solutions and financial opportunities for the built environment, industry and electrification. The successful conferences brought together more than 500 involved stakeholders from the quadruple helix (governments, knowledge institutions, companies and citizens).

The fourth edition on Tuesday 17 October with the baseline ‘Energy Mission Powered by Living Labs for Industry & Built Environment’, shines a light on the power of ecosystems and the impact of living labs on the industry and built environment. The event will take place at Thor Park, which is itself one of Europe’s advanced living labs for energy transition.

Some highlights from the programme this edition:

  • the impact of collaboration between industries, governments, citizens, investors and science
  • the role of open data, artificial intelligence and digital innovation in a living lab ecosystem
  • finding the right partners through matchmaking and networking sessions
  • a ‘living labs’ inspiration trip across Europe
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