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Health Campus welcomes two new companies


InSilicoTrials and Delta Healthcare establish themselves in Limburg

Italian biotech company InSilicoTrials and Belgian-Dutch Delta Healthcare Consulting will establish themselves in Limburg in the near future. POM Limburg is bringing both companies to the Health Campus in Diepenbeek. There, they will collaborate, among others, with biomedical company Rejuvenate Biomed, which previously confirmed its move to the campus. The arrival of two new players means another strengthening of the ecosystem.

Italy’s InSilicoTrials provides a cloud platform to pharma companies, generating simulations when developing new drugs. The company currently employs about 20 people and has offices in Italy, the Netherlands and the United States. With its fourth branch on the Health Campus, InSilico mainly aims to establish new collaborations with companies. Belgian-Dutch Delta Healthcare Consulting – which employs some 13 people – currently operates from Willebroek. The company supports clinical studies for the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals. The latter can hire a study coordinator from the company. Furthermore, Delta is the market leader in Belgium and the Netherlands in home visits for clinical studies.

Both companies will soon start a collaboration with biomedical company Rejuvenate Biomed. Rejuvenate is developing drugs to delay signs of ageing, and will use InSilico’s cloud platform to set up a number of simulations. Delta will further support clinical trials. It is these kinds of collaborations that convinced the companies to establish themselves in Limburg. CEO Luca Emili: “We chose the Health Campus to make new connections with a wide range of stakeholders and innovate the healthcare of the future. The campus’ focus on new technological developments and digital solutions provides an ideal testing ground for our software platform.” CEO Geert Briers of Delta Healthcare is also satisfied: “For our second location, we explicitly chose the Health Campus, because of its ambitious plans and the many opportunities for collaboration.”

Growing ecosystem
The arrival of the two companies gives a boost to the growing ecosystem of the Health Campus. Commissioner for Economy and chairman of POM Limburg Tom Vandeput: “The counter stands at seven companies that confirmed their coming to the campus. Moreover, InSilico is the third international player. International companies don’t decide their locations lightly. The innovative environment we create and the strong ecosystem around healthcare that we are building on the Health Campus play a crucial role in our power of persuasion. With their services, InSilico and Delta are once again a perfect addition to our ecosystem. The arrival of the companies is a confirmation of the position of the campus, in Flanders and beyond.”

In the short term, InSilico and Delta Healthcare will move into health incubator BioVille. This year, that incubator will expand by 2,000 m2. Furthermore, in cooperation with POM Limburg, LRM will develop 15,000 m2 of additional business space for the life sciences sector on the Health Campus by 2024. This will allow the Limburg ecosystem to grow even further.

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