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POM Limburg assesses expats’ needs for international school


Feasibility study for international education in Limburg launched

POM Limburg launches a survey in the context of a preliminary study for the establishment of an international school in Limburg. The survey focuses on the experiences, needs and preferences of expats regarding international education. The results of the study are expected by the end of this year.

In an international school, lessons are given in a foreign language, usually English. The pupils are often children of expats or foreign knowledge workers. POM Limburg, together with LRM, Corda Campus and the Deputy for Education Bert Lambrechts, is currently carrying out a preliminary study for the foundation of a bilingual primary and secondary international school on Limburg soil.

International needs
Brightening Limburg’s international image can make the province more interesting as a company location region and strengthen the business climate. The preliminary study will map the added value of international education and determine the feasibility of the project. As a first step, POM Limburg and the province of Limburg are launching a survey aimed at international profiles. The survey assesses the experiences, preferences and needs of expats and foreign knowledge workers regarding education.

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