Warm Welcome

Annually, Flanders welcomes around 16,000 people from outside the European Union, as well as numerous EU citizens, to work here. These highly skilled profiles are of invaluable importance. In Limburg, projects like the Einstein Telescope, the Health Campus, and the expansion of Corda Campus serve as magnets for foreign companies and highly educated talents.

Positive Course

Minister Brouns has allocated a total of 400,000 euros for an improved reception policy for foreign knowledge workers, divided among the provinces of West Flanders, Antwerp, Limburg, and Flemish Brabant. Over the next two years, actions will be implemented in each of these provinces to optimize the welcome policy. Concrete steps will be taken in Antwerp and West Flanders to establish a ‘warm welcome house’, while Limburg will build on its existing operations.

In recent years, the focus of POM Limburg has increased its visibility to internationals and improved accessibility through online and offline channels. And with success:highly skilled profiles are finding their way to the services of POM Limburg more quickly.

Expat Services POM Limburg

Over the next two years, POM Limburg will vigorously continue its expatriate affairs efforts. This is made possible by a financial injection of 100,000 euros from the Flemish government, initiated by Flemish Minister of Labor Jo Brouns. POM Limburg will focus on increasing the province’s recognition as an internationally connected region. Additionally, the goal is to optimize regional services, including those provided by educational institutions, insurance companies, language agencies, local governments, and financial institutions.

Expat Centre Limburg

The Expat Centre Limburg not only provides first-line information to economic migrants and their families but also offers tailored advice when needed. This often involves practical matters, such as enrollment with an accredited health insurance provider.

TheExpat Centre Limburg websiteconsolidates a wealth of relevant information. Additionally, Flanders, with the support of POM Limburg among others, has recently launched the new website“Your Future in Flanders, let’s make work”,enabling foreign knowledge workers to access regional contact points or expat centers more quickly.

Thus, “warm welcome houses” like the Expat Centre Limburg can welcome knowledge migrants into their international community, which also organizes events. In Limburg, these new residents can enjoy a warm welcome in the Limburgers Worldwide community.

Between January 1, 2024, and December 31, 2025, POM Limburg will receive a financial contribution of 100,000 euros for the implementation of its approved project proposal under the ‘Warm Welcome’ call. This initiative by the Flemish Government offers a one-time subsidy to support Flemish provinces and/or local authorities committed to a hospitable reception policy for economic migrants and their family members in Flanders. For more information, please visit the Department of Employment and Social Economy.

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