The PRUP (Provincial Spatial Implementation Plan) ‘Brouwerij-Alken regional business parks and Kolmer expansion’ consists of two sub-areas:

  • The first sub-area ties in with the existing Alken brewery, to the east of where the N80 and N754 converge. There is additional space adjacent to the brewery, Which can be occupied by other businesses after development.
  • A second sub-area ties in with the existing Kolmen business park, across from the railway and between the Sint-Truidersteenweg.

How this came about?

The industrial area near the Alken brewery could not be addressed in the past, as it was situated on the Herk flood plain.

As part of its planning powers for regional business parks, the provincial government sought a solution for this problem, and scrapped part of the then business park behind the brewery. They compensated for it with a new industrial plot, adjacent to Kolmen.

  • The PRUP was approved by decree of the provincial council of Limburg dated 16 March 2011 and by ministerial decree dated 5 July 2011. Right from the start of the planning process, the Alken local authority, POM Limburg, and LRM decided to jointly develop the area.
  • In an initial phase, the focus was on the area behind the brewery. However, it became clear in 2018 that there were problems with permits. This was because the area behind the brewery still suffers from issues with water.

For this reason, Alken urged POM Limburg to review the development opportunities related to the Landbouwlint area.

The role of POM Limburg

POM Limburg is committed to taking a facilitating role in the development of the project area. What’s more, POM Limburg is responsible for further analysis and preparatory study work for the development.

Should it be necessary, we will proceed to acquire the area through amicable land acquisition as the expropriating authority and development company. Or, if necessary, we will initiate all administrative or legal actions related to the acquisition of the land.

  • Alken is committed to supporting POM Limburg’s tasks, through active cooperation and the provision of information. Both parties have agreed to meet on a structural basis by way of the Consultation Committee, to discuss the progress of the development opportunities for the Project Area.
  • In addition, both Parties declare their willingness for constructive collaboration with a (private) developer, and are prepared to negotiate an ‘Area Development Agreement’. This will allow LRM to withdraw from the case and make way for a private developer.

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