The Priority Regional Business Park in Opglabbeek is a future expansion of the existing business park ‘Industriezone Opglabbeek’. The project area is to the west of Opglabbeek centre (part of the municipality of Oudsbergen). The expansion of the business park will abut the existing site to the south, up to the road to Zwartberg. The expansion in Opglabbeek is a major development opportunity for regional business parks in Limburg.

How this came about

Within the framework of the Strategic Action Plan for Limburg in the Quadrant (SALK, Strategisch Actieplan voor Limburg in het Kwadraat), a Provincial Spatial Implementation Plan (PRUP) was drawn up. The PRUP ‘Priority regional business park Opglabbeek’ was finally adopted by the provincial council on 20 December 2017.

In 2019, POM Limburg drafted a study on the development opportunities of the business park. This development study includes an action plan, among other things.

On 29 March 2021, the municipality and POM Limburg entered into a cooperation agreement for the realisation of the development. In mid-2021, POM Limburg acquired a large part of the land positions in the area.

The role of POM Limburg

The Oudsbergen municipal council and POM Limburg are partners in this project. Both parties are responsible for providing effective access, equipping, and completing the project area, yet have their own specific task.

At POM Limburg, we want to accelerate Limburg economically by – among other things – further developing and renewing the qualitative space for business activity in Limburg. Specifically, for this project it means:

  • Amicable acquisition of land as an expropriating authority and development company.
  • All administrative or legal acts relating to the acquisition of land.
  • The placement of the public contract(s) on infrastructure construction and the necessary studies required to submit an environmental permit application.
  • Follow-up of qualitative, prompt, and comprehensive development of the project area, from plan to realisation and release.

The Oudsbergen municipal council will coordinate and safeguard the interests of its residents, entrepreneurs, and the municipality throughout the process. In addition, they will also stipulate management regulations containing the release policy and operation of the management committee.

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