GPS for industrial unit numbering

Industry and port numbering. In Limburg, about 30% of companies use this system. The access roads have signage showing the numbering to passers-by. It helps visitors and suppliers to find their way around easily. The downside of industrial unit numbering? It is not included in the various GPS systems.

POM Limburg offers a solution that simplifies the search – one that uses an application to automatically incorporates industrial unit numbers into various GPS systems.

Download the ‘Point of Interest’ files below, containing the industrial unit numbers on Limburg territory. Upload these files to a GPS device (e.g. Garmin, Mio, TomTom) to easily find the industrial unit number and follow the directions to your destination. This also helps to avoid heavy freight traffic coming through villages. In addition, POM is in discussion with Trimble and Transics to incorporate the data into the trucks’ on-board systems.

After unzipping the zip file, you will find a POI file and manual for each GPS brand, with instructions on how to load the file into your own GPS.

Conditions of use
The GPS data files are the property of POM Limburg. They are made available free of charge and may not be sold or commercialised under any circumstances. Despite the fact that this ‘Point of Interest’ information was created with the greatest care, POM Limburg cannot be held responsible for any defects concerning the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usability of the information provided. These files are intended as a source of information only. If you wish to use this information, it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself as to its suitability for your use and its compatibility with your hardware. POM Limburg expressly disclaims all liability for any damage to property, including – but not limited to – the hardware on which the files are downloaded or used. The data provided can be changed after the initial distribution and the data can be updated on a regular basis. POM Limburg is under no obligation to maintain the completeness of the information or to notify you of any updates.

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