Nieuwe Bunders is a future business park in Maasmechelen.

It is situated opposite the existing Oude Bunders business park, along the national highway and near the E314 junctions.

The biggest advantage of this location: the great and direct connections to Flanders, Liège, Dutch Limburg, as well as the German Ruhr area.


How this came about

Nieuwe Bunders (74ha) is a sub-plan of the PRUP ‘Maasmechelen micropolitan area definition’. PRUP stands for Provincial Spatial Implementation Plans and determines the use, layout, and management of an area. The PRUP was approved on 7 February 2013. The PRUP consists of seven sub-zones, of which zone two and zone seven are relevant to the new Nieuwe Bunders business park.

In 2015, POM Limburg drafted a master plan on the development opportunities of the business park. The Maasmechelen municipal council approved this master plan at its meeting on 5 July 2016. Then on 20 December 2019, we concluded a cooperation agreement with the local authority, LRM, and a private developer – with a significant number of land holdings. Intention: to realise this development together.

The role of POM Limburg

The Maasmechelen municipal council, POM Limburg, the private developer, and LRM are partners for this project and each take on a specific task.

At POM Limburg, we want to accelerate Limburg economically by – among other things – further developing and renewing the qualitative space for business activity in Limburg. Specifically, for this project it means:

  • Amicable acquisition of land as an expropriating authority and development company, through a compulsory purchase order of necessary.
  • All administrative or legal acts relating to the acquisition of land.
  • Follow-up of qualitative, prompt, and comprehensive development of the project area, from plan to realisation and release.

The private developer is responsible for providing effective access, equipping, and completing the project area. The Maasmechelen municipal council will coordinate and safeguard the interests of its residents, entrepreneurs, and the municipality throughout the process. LRM will mainly take an advisory role as part of the consultation and release committee, and they will incidentally develop part of the project area.

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