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Clean Mobility Valley

In a world moving towards climate neutrality, the automotive sector and related industries are facing profound changes. Thetransition to sustainable mobilityand the emergence of groundbreaking technologies such as electric, autonomous, and connected vehicles pose significant challenges in this sector. At the same time, these shifts also presentopportunities for new business and product innovations.

To maximize these opportunities, POM Limburg, in collaboration with Flanders Make, Ford Lommel Proving Ground, E-Trucks Europe, and the City of Lommel, initiated theClean Mobility Valley initiative.The mission of this collaboration is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and resilient automotive sector. The partners aim to strengthen innovation and collaboration in sustainable vehicles, ultimately creating more added value and jobs.

Specifically, they are working on three strategic pillars:

  • Strengthening R&D capacity
  • Automotive community
  • Establishment and acquisition

Strengthening R&D capacity

The project partners leverage existing R&D expertise and infrastructure at research centers and companies to form a cohesive ecosystem around sustainable vehicle development. This involves consolidating and promoting expertise and open test infrastructure. If necessary, new investments in shared research and development infrastructure will also be attracted.

Automotive community

The automotive community regularly brings together companies, research centers, and government and sector organizations with the goal of accelerating collaboration and innovation in sustainable vehicles. Knowledge and information are exchanged to address future challenges in the automotive sector, and new innovation projects are initiated to work towards solutions.

Establishment & acquisition

POM Limburg and partners connect local and international companies seeking the ideal location for their production or R&D of sustainable vehicles (or their components) with the Clean Mobility Valley ecosystem. During this search, companies can rely on the guidance of a specialized team. Additionally, this team proactively seeks new leads through foreign missions and international trade fairs.

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